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General Liability Insurance

Premier Shield Insurance agency offers cheap general liability insurance for contractors in New England (MA CT RI NH ME). Give us a call 1-401-207-1552 to start saving money on your general liability insurance policy.

What is General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance for contractors is the most popular type of insurance coverage.

Commercial General Liability (CGL) Definition

Commercial general liability (CGL) is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage to a business for bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage caused by the business’s operations, products, or injuries that occur on the business’s premises. Commercial general liability is considered comprehensive business insurance, though it does not cover all risks a business may face.


What Does General Liability Insurance Cover for Businesses?

General liability insurance (GL), commonly called commercial or business liability insurance, is coverage that can protect your small business from potential claims including personal injury, bodily injury, property damage, and other risks from your business operations. General liability insurance quotes typically include:

  • Advertising & Personal Injury
  • Bodily Injury
  • Defense Costs & Legal Fees
  • Medical Payments
  • Products-Completed Operations
  • Property damage caused by the business during the course of operations

Who Needs Commercial General Liability Insurance?

Commercial general liability insurance coverage is typically provided through the business owner’s policy (bop) typically includes general liability plus protection for your property.

It provides protection for your small business location, store contents & merchandise, and company equipment.

It can also provide Business Interruption Insurance which is insurance coverage that replaces income lost in the event that business is halted for some reason, such as a fire or a natural disaster.

Many small business owners and contractors don’t need property insurance and simply need comprehensive general liability insurance and commercial auto insurance plus.

Examples of general liability insurance for contractors include:

Commercial General Liability Insurance Limits

General Liability Insurance (CGL):

Commercial general liability on an occurrence coverage form. The limits of liability shall not be less than:

$1,000,000 each occurrence (combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage);

$1,000,000 for personal and advertising injury liability;

$1,000,000 aggregate on products and completed operations;

$2,000,000 general aggregate.

Additional Insured Endorsement: Blanket additional insured coverage should be requested to include the Contractor, his officers, directors and employees, the Owner, and any other party, as may be required.


Contractor Proof of Insurance

Many small business owners need a “Certificates of Insurance” for contractors and sub-contractors. Premier Shield Insurance can help you find the cheapest general liability insurance for small businesses through our network of commercial insurance companies.

General Liability Insurance Cost

In 2019, the average monthly cost for general liability insurance through the Progressive was roughly $53 through Progressive. However, this is only an average and isn’t necessarily what you’ll pay.

The median annual cost of general liability insurance is $500 (about $40 per month)

Learn more about general liability insurance cost, GL policy rating factors, and help finding the best price, coverage, and protection for your business. Call us today 1-401-207-1552, or start a quote online.

General Liability Insurance Quotes New England

We currently offer small business owners general liability insurance policies in MassachusettsRhode IslandMaineConnecticut, and New Hampshire.