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Geico vs Progressive

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Progressive stands out as the cheapest by 17% compared to GEICO in Massachusetts. Car insurance may seem like are really high, especially in a no-fault insurance state like Massachusetts. You may feel like you are being unjustly charged insurance premiums for other bad drivers in the state.

You might not be off the mark. The truth is, when it comes to insurance premiums in Massachusetts, you are often paying a lot more because of the young driver who got into an accident, the increase in hit-and-run accidents in your neighborhood, and the increased Massachusetts Traffic.

Premier Shield Insurance articles tagged Geico vs Progressive. As an independent insurance agent, we run up against GEICO Insurance quotes all the time. Who has better insurance GEICO maybe it’s Plymouth Rock, Concord Group Insurance, Safeco or Progressive?

We have over 20 years of experience and can help you and your family make the right decision on insurance. Maybe GEICO and Progressive aren’t the best insurance companies for your home and auto insurance. That’s OK.

With other top insurance carriers like SAFECO, Metlife, and Concord the agents at Premier Shield Insurance will help you find the most competitive rate for your homeowners and auto insurance.

Car Insurance Price: GEICO vs Progressive Massachusetts

At Premier Shield Insurance we deal with many drivers experiencing the hardships faced trying to find affordable car insurance. Many drivers don’t think ahead when purchasing their vehicle.

They decide as someone looking for new driver car insurance in MA to buy a brand new or slightly used financed or leased vehicle. You couldn’t do anything more expensive than that, coupled with the fact you live in a high-risk area like Boston, Worcester or Framingham. Young drivers are often “SOLD” by car sales men on getting a “great deal on a leased vehicle”.

The problem is they don’t tell you how terrible a deal you’re going to get on your car insurance rates. the truth is, when you buy a vehicle and you are financing, you can elect to have state minimum coverage. When you lease a vehicle, you don’t own it. The leasing company does. They require you to carry $100,000/$300,000 for your optional bodily injury.

This can make your car insurance rates and premiums skyrocket! Especially if you are newly licensed, have any points on your license, live in a major city, or you have no prior insurance.

Before you lease a vehicle call one of our licensed independent agents for a free quote at 774-847-7746.

Best 15 GEICO Versus Progressive Car Insurance Comparison Articles

Are you thinking about GEICO vs Progressive insurance for your home or auto policy? Below are the top insurance resources available for articles comparing Progressive with GEICO.

The insurance rates in Massachusetts tend to be much better with Progressive Insurance so give our agency a call and start saving money today.

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