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Gap Insurance Coverage

Do you want to know more about loan/lease or Gap coverage for your new car? We can help!

When it comes to auto Insurance in New England, many optional endorsements are left off policies.

This is because many customers are simply seeking the lowest price for car insurance and they say “I don’t need Gap Insurance” (when they are likely the customers who need loan/lease gap coverage the most).

The truth is Insurance is something you want to have a lot of, and never use. If you have to use it, you want it to be good car insurance coverage.

What is Gap Coverage for Auto Insurance?

Gap insurance (or loan/lease coverage) for your car helps you payoff a loan on your car in the event of a total loss.

You have many options for Gap Insurance but buying it at the car dealership is likely going to be your most expensive option.

Save Money on Gap Insurance Coverage and Rates Through Premier Shield

If you are in the process of buying a new or used (5 years old or less) our expert car insurance agents will help you save time and money on car insurance while helping you find affordable GAP Insurance.

Gap insurance is a hot button endorsement for many consumers.

This is primarily driven by the fact they didn’t have it in the past or knew someone who didn’t have it (and was forced to pay the lease or loan balance).

Residents of New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, or Connecticut) are eligible for savings of up to 37% when they bundle auto and renters/homeowners insurance with our agency.

Request the best auto insurance quotes in New England from an expert auto insurance agent.

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