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Home Insurance Freetown MA

Freetown is Currently Ranked #19 in “Best Places to Raise a Family in Bristol County”

Find the best coverage and prices for Home Insurance in Freetown MA. Freetown has an excellent school system and is rated well in “Good for Families” on Niche. We think it’s an excellent place to live if you’re a first-time homebuyer looking to start a family. Prices for homes in Freetown are affordable for younger homebuyers ($334,400 median home value).

For these reasons and more, we’ve added Freetown Mass to our “Under $350,000 PSI Communities ” because it meets the following criteria:

  • Freetown Scores B or Better for “Public Schooling” (B)
  • Freetown Scores B or Better for “Good for Families” (B)
  • Freetown Scores B- or Better for “Health & Fitness” (B-)
  • Freetown Scores A or Better for “Outdoor Activities” (A)
  • Freetown Scores B-or Better for “Job” (B-)
  • Freetown Scores C+ or Better for “Crime & Safety” (B-)
  • Freetown Has an Over 85% Homeownership Rate (88%)
  • Freetown Median Home Value is below $325,000 ($310,100)

Home Insurance Quotes Freetown MA

Save money by requesting a homeowners insurance quote for your Freetown property.

Auto Insurance Freetown MA

Auto insurance rates, prices, and premiums are very low in Freetown Mass. We can help you get them even lower! The average rate for car insurance in Massachusetts is around $1,264 and if you’re paying more than that, it’s time to call the expert auto insurance agents at Premier Shield Insurance.

Auto Insurance Quotes Freetown MA

Save money on car insurance in Freetown Mass! Request a money-saving insurance quote and compare rates for excellent insurance companies.