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Home Insurance Fairhaven MA

Find the best price and coverage for your Fairhaven homeowner’s insurance policy.

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Fairhaven Massachusetts has a lot to offer potential homeowners. It’s an “Under $275,000 PSI Community” because it meets the following criteria:

  • Fairhaven Scores A or Better for “Outdoor Activities” (A)
  • Fairhaven Scores B or Better for “Nightlife” (A-)
  • Fairhaven scores B or better for “Public Schools” (B)
  • Fairhaven scores B or better for “Good for Families” (B)
  • Fairhaven Scores B or Better for “Commute” (B)
  • Fairhaven Scores C or Better for “Health & Fitness” (B-)
  • Fairhaven Scores C or Better for “Jobs” (C+)
  • Fairhaven Scores C or Better for “Diversity” (B)
  • Fairhaven Scores C+ or Better for “Housing” (B-)
  • Fairhaven Scores C+ or Better for “Crime & Safety” (C+)
  • Fairhaven has over a 70% Homeownership Rate (75%)
  • Fairhaven has a median home value under $275,000 ($270,800)

Home Insurance Quotes Fairhaven MA

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Auto Insurance Fairhaven MA

Car insurance rates are typically lower in Fairhaven than the Massachusetts average of $1,264. If you have 03 or 04 SDIP Points your rate may be much higher if you are a younger driver.

Homeowners with clean driving records who bundle home and auto insurance are eligible for savings of up to 37%.

If you have a family car insurance policy or you’re adding a teen driver your rates can expensive quickly.

Auto Insurance Quotes Fairhaven MA

Fairhaven MA auto insurance quotes through Premier Shield Insurance lets you shop and compare car insurance from multiple insurance companies to help you find the best price and coverage.

Our licensed independent insurance agents will help you find the best coverage for your vehicle.

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About Fairhaven Massachusetts

Fairhaven is a town in Massachusetts with a population of 16,027. Fairhaven is in Bristol County. Living in Fairhaven offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes.

In Fairhaven, there are a lot of restaurants and parks. Many retirees live in Fairhaven and residents tend to lean liberal. The public schools in Fairhaven are above average.


Town of Fairhaven, Massachusetts
: 02719
FIPS code: 25-22130
GNIS feature ID: 0618281
Settled: 1659
Incorporated: 1812
Population: 16,027
Median Home Value: $270,800
Median Rent: $886
Homeowners vs Renters: 75% vs 25%
Elevation: 15 ft

Fairhaven Massachusetts Community Resources and Links

Find helpful Fairhave Mass resources, links, local restaurants, businesses, and points of interest.

Fairhaven Massachusetts Real Estate Resources and Websites

Are you buying a new home in Fairhaven? Below are some helpful research sites, real estate listings, and homebuyer resources.

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