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Esurance Quote Alternatives in New England (Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island)

Esurance is an online car insurance company owned by Allstate. The agents at Premier Shield Insurance used to sell Esurance years ago in states outside of Massachusetts. It’s hard to believe Esurance has been around going on 21 years now.

Esurance car insurance quotes can be very good for some consumers and “less than perfect” for some cities like Boston, Framingham, Springfield, and Worcester where new drivers may experience high prices, especially in they’re in a “No Prior Car Insurance” situation. Compare Esurance quotes with Progressive, Metlife, Plymouth Rock, Safeco, and Concord through the Premier Shield Insurance agency.

If you’re searching for “Esurance Quote” just head over to their website, when you want a lower car insurance prices than you have or received from Esurance call the expert New England auto insurance agents at the Premier Shield Insurance agency at 1-774-847-7746 or request an Esurance Car Insurance Quote Comparision Request Online.

Esurance Renewal Increase Quote Alternative

Allstate offer 12 months policies by Esurance is like Progressive and GEICO and only does 6 month policy terms. This can leave consumers wanting more when they have a price increase after only 6 months of insurance. It could be because of the area you live in or an accident or ticket. Either way we can help you find a lower price.

Esurance Insurance Services, Inc Company Information

Customer service
HeadquartersEsurance 650 Davis Street San Francisco CA 94111
Parent organization: The Allstate Corporation
President and CEO: Jonathan Adkisson
Industry Sector: Property & Casualty Insurance Multi-line Insurance
Founded: 1999
Estimated Annual Revenue: $400 Billion
Estimated Employees: 2,800
Esurance Links:, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, YouTube
States Can Compare Your Esurance Policy, Quote or Renewal
MassachusettsConnecticutMaineNew Hampshire

Esurance’s Top or Alternatives Car Insurance in New Engalnd

Car Esurance Insures in New England

Esurance may no longer insure some of the higher-end luxury and sports calls but we can help you with all of this list if it’s out-dated and Esurance doesn’t offer a vehicle below just let us now!

Premier Shield Insurance helps provide high-quality, lower cost insurance for your Car, Truck, SUV or CrossOver for the following vehicle types:

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Why is Esurance so Cheap?

Rarely do consumers questions why is something “so cheap? However, if you’re looking to know “Why Esurance is so Cheap” we’ll discuss. Esurance offers affordable car insurance it’s because they use a “direct writing” iauto nsurance carrier model like AMICA, GEICO, Liberty Mutual and Progressive. This allowes them to scare costs because they don’t have to pay sales commissions to insurance agents. Anything they’re saving on paying agents they’re more than dumping into marketing as we see Dennis Quaid Esurance commercials all over the TV in 2020.

What are Consumers Saying about Esurance? Top 10 Esurance Car Insurance Reviews and Guides

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  2. Clearsurance (1,450 Reviews)
  3. Consumer Affairs (862 Reviews)
  4. WalletHub (161 Reviews)
  5. Credit Karma (124 Reviews)
  6. Nerdwallet
  7. ValuePenguin
  8. Simple Dollar
  9. Dough Roller

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