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Understanding Car Insurance after a DUI Arrest: Quotes, Rates, Coverage Options

  • Are you shopping for car insurance quotes with a DUI?
  • Do you find it difficult to get an “accurate and fair” rate or price for the quotes after spending 10-15 minutes on the phone or online?
  • Are you looking to simplify the process of finding affordable rates for auto insurance?

Premier Shield Insurance can help you solve your insurance problems. We can help you with the question…what is “DUI insurance”? Technically that’s just a keyword search term that customers with DWI’s on their record type in hoping to get matched with an affordable policy. When it comes to actual policies, There is no auto insurance-specific policy called “DUI insurance.” 

After our agents help you find an affordable policy that meets your budget, managing your policy is a breeze spending only minutes a month, once you get the hang of it (if you are new to insurance or mobile apps). At least initially, it’s definitely a far more manage billing situation for most car insurance customers

Help Solving Your Expensive Car Insurance Problem

Regardless of the details surrounding your DWI/OUI/DUI arrest or case,  your age, location, or driving situation, we’ll be happy to see if we can help you solve what may feel to be an impossible insurance problem. An OUI during the coronavirus pandemic can add extra layers of stress and unwanted anxiety.

It’s OK. Take a deep breath, it will get better and you’ll feel really good after a few short minutes of speaking with one of our experienced agents.

We have a 98% customer satisfaction from clients from all over Massachusetts and the United States.

DUI Insurance Help for Homeowners

Bad insurance situations can occur due to a lapse in judgment. The insurance industry is the “least forgiving” industry when it comes to “caring about what happens”. They know these risks require higher monthly and annual premiums, and they’re going to charge it to everyone, no matter what. This is why you need the expertise of a trusted local insurance agent at Premier Shield Insurance to advocate on your behalf when shopping and comparing rates.

Regardless of the details of our DWI, these things can happen to anyone.

At Premier Shield Insurance, we specialize in “helping homeowners with DUIs” find lower rates. We jokingly say “We solve complex insurance situations, but they’re really not as complex as they are expensive”. Since the majority of auto insurance companies won’t insure drivers who have a DUI, everyone calls it “insurance for DUI”.

If you own a home and you have a DUI your situation is more complex than a renter’s. Why is that? Typically, 90% of homeowners carry optional bodily injury limits of $100,000 per person $300,000 per accident, and $100,000 for property damage.

Oftentimes, it will make sense to bundle both your auto and homeowners insurance policies with the same company after an OUI due to the cost savings vs having the policies separate. 

When it comes to cheap DUI policy, you might discover that there are lots of distinct solutions available out there. What’s more, you may not know where to start. How can you know if your particular situation will work out in your favor or against you?

You don’t want to start a new car insurance policy only to have it go after you make your first payment. This happens all the time but not to customers of Premier Shield Insurance. This Premier Shield DUI insurance guide will give you a few suggestions about the best way best to locate cheap DUI insurance premiums for your specific situations and the legal driving requirements you may face with some companies.


In some states, you may be required to file an SR-22 and our insurance companies will do that automatically for you, just let your agent know.


If you’ve had a recent OUI is can be a struggle to find an affordable policy to get to work. Often times many drivers are left off the road completely due to financial costs related to driving and insuring a vehicle. This presents unique challenges for drivers needing to get to work and provide for their family.

The Premier Shield Insurance agent is here to help you get through the insurance cost portion of your problem. We can help you find lower rates if you’ve had a recent DUI/OUI in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, New Mexico Maine, New Hampshire, or Rhode Island.

If so you’re probably already paying too much for your auto insurance policy (If you’re in a no prior car insurance situation the car insurance price is already going to be elevated).

If you need cheaper rates, prices, and premiums for your vehicle we can help!

Our expert auto insurance agents can help you save money, up to 37% when you switch both home and auto insurance.

DUI Insurance is offered at a lower price at affordable rates, however, if you are newly licensed or live in a city AND you finance a car…it could be a much higher price than you can imagine.

We work hard to save you money by maximizing your auto and home insurance discounts.


DUI Insurance is Very Expensive


If you have AMICA, Arbella, Concord Group, Esurance, Hanover, Liberty Mutual, MAPFRE, Metlife, Plymouth Rock, Safeco, Safety, Travelers, or Vermont Mutual and you have a DUI you’re probably paying 18% too much for your auto insurance on average.

If you’re looking for lower prices and you have no prior car insurance and a DUI you’re probably experiencing high quotes for car insurance (Especially in Massachusetts).

When you have no prior insurance many Insurance Companies don’t want you and if they do offer you quotes they’re probably really high.

If you’re paying too much for your auto insurance policy in New England we can help you find a cheaper car insurance company that will save you money on your monthly auto insurance payments.


DUI Car Insurance Quotes in New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island)


The Premier Shield Insurance agency can help you save money on your car insurance even if you have a DUI! Request a money-saving insurance quote today!


How To Get Affordable DUI Insurance in Massachusetts After an Arrest or Conviction


The first thing you need to do is get a quote from a Premier auto insurance agent. Local Premier Shield MA insurance agents help assess your current vehicle insurance situation. We’ll work to discuss the best, low-cost payment options for your Massachusetts personal auto insurance policy and how to best proceed moving forward. A DUI in Massachusetts will stay on your driving record for 6 years from the surcharge date.

That means if you do decide to fight the arrest in court, the conviction can stay on your record for (6 years + the time with Covid-19 to get a court hearing or jury trial) up to 8 years if it took 2 years for your court case to play out.


Find the best price and coverage for your auto insurance through Premier Shield Insurance.


Look, at the end of the day, we understand insurance companies DO NOT WANT DRIVERS WITH DUIs. Historically, drivers that have an OUI arrest or convocation have a much high “risk and claims” profile than a standard driver. If you have exhibited poor driving discussions in the past that increasing the likelihood of further accidents, claims, and high-risk behavior. Drivers with a recent OUI or DUI are the most “high-risk segment of insurance” with the exception of new Massachusetts drivers that need insurance.

We take DUI drivers on a case-by-case basis. If you’re in a really difficult situation and you’re in the process of turning your life around, we can help you.


FAQ DUI Insurance Quotes Premier Shield Insurance Can Help You Get Answered

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