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Craziest Insurance Stories in Massachusetts

It’s nuts, we started this agency in 2016 having “3 years of insurance experience”. While the first 3 years provided some “insane car insurance stories” like a TN driver who told me “She stole my car had my guns in the car, drove the dam thing down the rail road tracks then hit a dear. How do I file a claim?” Wait what? Insurance is the most insane place becaue real life happens. Below are some of the craziest stories or events (including injury + death) we’ve heard and seen. We advocate “Safe Driving” because cars kill people and too many people are dying because other people being negligent.

Top Craziest Insurance Stories

  • A ghost accelerated the car.
  • A young driver hit a house and move the entire foundation because he was drunk and speeding during the collision.
  • Driver Trapped After Car Crashes Into Brockton Home
  • Rats chewed up my cars electrical system
  • I’ve had 2 hit and runs in less than 2 years and my car was stolen from the Sea Port.
  • I had 27 SDIP points and they put me in jail.
  • I blew past a state trooper doing 115 then I drove past his boss and they locked me up.