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Coronavirus Insurance Updates

08/27/2020 Update – Framingham is now categorized as a city with a “high risk” for COVID spread. Milford and 4 other towns are in the yellow zone.

Premier Shield Insurance is here to help as the coronavirus pandemic has created economic hardships for small businesses, homeowners, and renters alike.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Homeowners and Auto Insurance Quotes MA CT NH ME
COVID-19 Coronavirus Help with Home and Auto Insurance MA CT ME NH

We will update this page as we receive additional information from our carriers regarding payment leniency and payment extensions. Coronavirus insurance situations will vary greatly and we’ll work hard to help you with your policy.

Many people are stuck working from home with extra free time. If you’re looking to save money on homeowners and auto insurance, we’re working and we’re happy to help.

Request an auto or homeowner’s quote online or give us a call at 1-774-847-7746. By getting a quote through Premier Shield you’re supporting a small business and helping us house and feed our families viagra kvinner.

Our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted by the Coronavirus spread and the devastating economic impact it’s had on New England residents.

What to do if you can’t pay your car insurance during the coronavirus?

Most companies are going to require you to continue to pay your monthly or annual premiums for car insurance.

Even if you are able to obtain accommodation, you’ll still owe the money. If you get canceled for non-payment of insurance it will make it more difficult and expensive to get car insurance in the future.

Progressive Insurance Coronavirus Billing Update

We are one of the top Progressive Insurance agencies in the state of Massachusetts and we’re happy that Progressive is working with our customers to accommodate billing situations during these difficult times.

We understand that a number of our shared customers will be affected by the spread of the coronavirus and we’re prepared to help address unanticipated financial hardship they may be facing as a result.

If you hear from any customers whose employment and income have been directly affected by this situation, please call us at 1-877-776-2436.

Our service representatives are ready to help with billing and payment issues, including the possible movement of billing due dates. Please be assured that we’ll offer this same counsel and service if your customers call us directly, too.

Metlife Insurance Coronavirus Billing Update

Metlife was the first company to personally reach out and let us know what’s going on and we really appreciate that.

If you want to make payment accommodations (bill hold) for a customer, you’ll need to call the ARC 1-800-255-0332, option 2 to make the request (this is stated in the article).

We suggest calling first thing in the AM because the call volumes are very high.

Coronavirus Update – Safeco Insurance Company

Safeco can be reached at 1-800-332-3226. Below is their corporate message.

We’re here to help

At Safeco, the well-being of our customers, independent agents, and employees is always our top priority. We’re actively monitoring the situation and taking steps to keep employees and customers healthy and to minimize disruptions to our customers.

Payment Flexibility Options

We have empowered our employees to work with each individual customer to provide the personalized support you need. For customers who are negatively impacted by coronavirus, we are extending payment dates and waiving fees. Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

Changes to Auto & Property Claims Process to Protect Customers and Employees

We’ve stopped all in-home damage inspections effective immediately except in emergency situations, such as water damage with an active leak or threat of mold, to avoid having employees entering homes. Whenever possible, we will do in-home inspections through RealTime Review video chat or other video collaboration tools. We will ask customers for their approval before using these tools.

Our adjusters will continue to do outside property inspections outside the home with customer permission. Our property adjusters will be following CDC Guidelines, including social distancing and following sanitation guidelines.

Auto appraisers will not be visiting customers’ homes or auto body shops except in emergency situations and will follow CDC guidelines. You can submit photographs of vehicle damage online and through our app, including using our new assisted-photo tool which will show you step-by-step how to take damage photos.

All other claims employees are working from home to handle claims as quickly as possible. For faster claims processing, we strongly encourage you to file new claims online, to manage claims online, and to use our digital tools including RealTime Review video chat and guided photo capture.

We are suspending our Claims Valet Service until further notice except for emergency situations.

We’re instructing any vendors who provide services to Safeco to follow the same guidelines.

Online Options for Personal Insurance Customers

For fast service, you can always go online at any time or use our app to:

View your coverages

Submit and manage a claim

Make a payment

Change payment frequencies or method

Measures to Keep Employees Safe and Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

We’ve taken measures to follow CDC guidelines and prevent the spread of coronavirus to our employees and customers:

We’ve enabled all our employees to work from home and implemented mandatory work from home across all offices in the US and Canada.

All air, rail, and bus travel by employees is restricted through April 30.

We will keep you informed as this situation continues to evolve. In the meantime, stay well and thank you for being a Safeco customer.


Plymouth Rock Insurance Coronavirus Billing Update

If you need billing accommodations you can call Plymouth Rock directly at 1-866-353-6292.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make headlines and impact so many lives across the globe, our hearts go out to those who’ve been affected. The safety of our blog subscribers, customers, employees, agents and communities remains our top priority while we navigate through this unique set of challenges.

We’re Here for You

During this time, Plymouth Rock remains committed to providing the outstanding care our customers have come to expect. We are monitoring this evolving situation around the clock, and we will take appropriate actions based on guidance from public officials as needed.

While we can’t control what the future holds, we are taking the threat of COVID-19 very seriously. If you are a Plymouth Rock customer facing financial difficulty due to COVID-19 that may impact your ability to pay your premiums, we encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can help.

24/7 Convenience

As always, our customers can rely on a wide array of self-service tools that make it convenient, easy – and safe – to manage their insurance 24/7, from any device, including:

Manage Your Policy – Our online billing and service portal lets customers view policy information, balances, due dates, policy documents and more.

Online Claim Reporting – Customers can report a claim from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

CarPicsSM – Our photo appraisal tool lets customers snap photos of their vehicle and send them to a claims representative in just a few minutes – eliminating the need to schedule an appraisal for eligible claims.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – This option adds ease of payment, streamlines claims payments and eliminates the need to wait for a claims check in the mail.

Plymouth Rock

Coronavirus Resources

Our agency has been told by the state of Massachusetts and Connecticut to close our offices until the pandemic has passed. That means our phone access may be limited.

If you have a request and you’re unable to get an agent on the phone please email us at info

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