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Car Insurance Family Policy

Compare Multi-Car Family Insurance Quotes in New England through the expert auto and home insurance agents at Premier Shield Insurance.

If you live in New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire) and you have a young driver under 21 on your policy you may be paying way too much for your car insurance policy. We see it every day (people can often save over $100 a month depending on how high their annual premium is).

Stop overpaying for your families car insurance! Cheaper family car insurance is available! Use the savings to go on vacation or save for your child’s education.

Premier Shield Insurance Management

Family car insurance rates for 4 cars 4 drives can get very expensive if you have 2 children on your policy. We’ve seen drivers with twins getting charged significantly more for car insurance than if they had simply given us a call (1-774-847-7746).

Learn more about “New Drivers Insurance Rates in Massachusetts

Companies like GEICO, Liberty Mutual, and MAPFRE are constantly overcharging families with teen drivers and we’re able to save them up to 37% when they bundle home and auto insurance with the same company.

Family Car Insurance Policies Are Cheaper Through Premier Shield Insurance

We help families solve complex insurance situations every day!

Saving your family money and making sure you have proper coverage is the most important thing to Premier Shield Insurance agents.

Thousands of dollars are wasted on teen driver car insurance each year and our customers love us for helping them find savings they can put to better uses.

We can save homeowners that bundle up to 37% (and in some cases more).

Brian Plain CoFounder of Premier Shield

Many of these insurance situations really not even “complex” as they are “expensive“. When you’re adding a teen driver and you have full coverage you can end up paying thousands more than you should if you don’t shop and compare rates.

We do very help with preferred homeowners with clean driving records and youthful operators. Even if a household member has a point or two, we should more than likely be able to find you better prices, rates, and coverage for your auto insurance.

What Car Insurance is Best for Families?

Every family is different and every insurance situation is different. That’s why having an expert auto insurance agent at Premier Shield Insurance is vital to helping your family navigate the expensive and complex Massachusetts auto insurance market.

Depending on your family’s driving record, Progressive Insurance through Premier Shield Insurance is the best fit and offers the biggest savings to most families in MA CT RI ME and NH.

We have over 20 years of experience helping consumers with insurance, business, and financial services and we appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a better, personalized homeowners and auto insurance shopping experience.

Premier Shield Insurance is the 2nd Largest Progressive Platinum Agency in Massachusetts

When you partner with us we are able to offer you better options than a regular Progressive Insurance Agency. We have the ability to offer preferred homeowners 12-month policies when most agencies can only offer a 6-month policy.

When you need lower rates for auto and homeowners, Progressive can be a lifesaver for many families.

New England Car Insurance Family Policy Quotes

Request a quote for your auto insurance policy in New England and see how much our expert agents can save you each year! We do this every day and if you need to find lower rates on car insurance we’ll be happy to help!

Request a family car insurance quote to save money today and one of our agents will be in touch shortly. If you prefer we text you just let us know in the notes section.

Compare Car Insurance Family Policy Rates, Prices, Premiums and Coverage in New England

If you’ve had the same insurance company for at least 1 year, Premier Shield Insurance agents have a high probability of saving you money!

There are many choices outside of us for agencies and carriers (many are really really expensive). So many agents in Massachusetts just dump families into Commerce/MAPFRE and they’re really doing them a financial disservice costing them hundreds or thousands of extra dollars per year.

If you have MAPFRE and young drivers you need to call us right away 1-774-847-7746. If you have any of these carriers below, we can probably save you money as well.

Families Switch Car Insurance From These Companies in New England

Switching homeowners and auto insurance has never been easier! We help you compare and shop multiple companies to find you the best price and coverage.

Below are the companies that may be charging you too much for auto insurance (or home insurance) in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire.

Arbella | AMICA | Bunker Hill Insurance | Concord Group | Esurance | GEICO Insurance | Hanover Insurance | John Hancock | Liberty Mutual | MAPFRE/Commerce | Metlife | Plymouth Rock | Progressive Insurance | Quincy Mutual | Safeco Insurance | Safety Insurance | State Farm | Stillwater Insurance | Travelers Insurance | Vermont Mutual

Personal Lines Insurance Lines

 | Homeowners | Renters | Motorcycle | Boat | Pet | Umbrella

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Do you have a policy renewal increase? Are you adding a teen driver to your car insurance? Buying a new Tesla? We can help!

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