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Can You Pay for Car Insurance Monthly?

New drivers often ask “Can You Pay for Car Insurance Monthly”? The short answer is typically YES. If you have previously been cancelled due to non-payment within the past 2 years that may make it so you have to pay in full for the policy term.

When you have no prior insurance some insurance carriers may request you pay-in-full.

Not at Premier Shield Insurance, we partner with Progressive, MetLife, Plymouth Rock, and Safeco Insurance and we will be able to help you with finding monthly car insurance payments.

Call our car insurance agency in Auburn Massachusetts at 774-847-7746 today to learn more about home, auto, and business insurance rates.

If you have a “Cancellation for Non-Payment” in the state of Massachusetts over the past 2 years, the carriers will all tell you that you have to pay-in-full.

If you need help with any situation give our licensed insurance agent a call and we will work hard to find you the cheapest car insurance for you.

In Massachusetts Can You Pay for Car Insurance Monthly?

Yes, if you currently have active insurance for 6 months without a lapse and no cancellations for non-payment in Massachusetts.

Can I pay my car insurance monthly with Bitcoin?

No, Premier Shield Insurance accepts BTC ETH XRP BCH however only for our “Premier Platinum” customers who pay in full for annual policies up to $2,500.

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