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Insurance Books

What are people saying about Premier Shield’s “Book Insurance Section” Books for insurance, books about insurance, books related to insurance can be…as we saying “really boring”.

It’s great for highly-analytical people that want to understand insurance, people who have high attention to detail, and people who work in the insurance industry (like me) that want to understand insurance. Analytical people want to “know more about insurance” because of it’s confusing to most people in the United States (Specifically Massachusetts Insurance).

Publicly-trading and private Insurance companies alike use advanced algorithmic insurance pricing models, high-frequency trading algorithms, and a ton of other advanced stock and derivatives trading and marketing strategies you’ve probably never heard of.

While most people would never even click on a link for “books on insurance” let alone say “That was a great insurance book!” “BEST INSURANCE BOOK EVER” or “I couldn’t put it down”.

I can almost statistically guarantee that over 99% of people who have home, property, business/commercial or automobile “insurance in Massachusetts” only care about 1 thing, “paying less for the same coverage on home and auto insurance“.

Top Books About Insurance for 2020

You’re looking to spend your time investing in your insurance education, good for you! Most people don’t get educated and it cost them a lot of money. When you get an education about insurance, you set yourself apart from others You can better help your friends, family, and loved ones when they have a tricky “insurance situation”.

Premier Shield Insurance isn’t trying to be ‘The Next Amazon‘ or “Amazon for Homeowners and Insurance” (Google tried and failed, next up Tesla insurance!), we aren’t going to be America’s Best Bookstore and we’re not going to open an online bookstore for insurance books any time soon.

New 2021 Insurance Books

Not a ton of new content for “insurance books for 2021” but there are a few worth noting.

Top 25 Insurance Books from Amazon and Barnes & Noble

  1. Best Seller The End of Insurance As We Know It: How Millennials, Insurtech, and Venture Capital Will Disrupt the Ecosystem by Rob Galbraith CPCU, CLU, ChFC
  2. All False Premise, False Promise: The Disastrous Reality of Medicare for All by Sally C. Pipes
  3. Quit Your Fcking Job: Escape the Great American Hoax and Live Free Quit Your Fcking Job: Escape the Great American Hoax and Live Free by Oliver Trojahn
  4. Understanding the Insurance Industry – 2018 Edition: An overview for those working with and in one of the world’s most interesting and vital industries. by A.M.Best
  5. The Digital Life Insurance Agent: How To Market Life Insurance Online And Sell Over The Phone by Jeff Root
  6. Dictionary of Insurance Terms (Barron’s Business Dictionaries) by Harvey W. Rubin Ph.D.
  7. Property Casualty Insurance License Exam Study Guide 2018 & 2019: Property and Casualty Insurance License Exam Study Prep & Practice Test Questions Property Casualty Insurance License Exam Study Guide 2018 & 2019: Property and Casualty Insurance License Exam Study Prep & Practice Test Questions by Test Prep Books Insurance Licensing Team
  8. Property and Casualty Insurance Concepts Simplified: The Ultimate ‘How to’ Insurance Guide for Agents, Brokers, Underwriters, and Adjusters by Christopher J. Boggs
  9. Property and Casualty Insurance License Exam Cram by Bisys Educational Services
  10. How I Built A $37 Million Insurance Agency In Less Than 7 Years by Darren Sugiyama
  11. How Any Agent Can Escape the Price Battlefield: Insurance Sales Secrets – 20 Years of My Best Secrets for Winning New Business Outside of Price, Coverage, or a Value Pitch by Ben Page
  12. So You Want To Be An Insurance Agent 3rd Edition by Jeff Hasting
  13. The Perfect Insurance Agency: Simple Changes to Ensure Success! by Eddie Price
  14. The Digital Life Insurance Agent: How to Market Life Insurance Online And Sell Over the Phone – Jeff Root
  15. The Official Guide To Selling Final Expense Insurance: The Proven Final Expense Insurance Sales And Lead Generation System Used By Top Final Expense Agents Across The Country – David M Duford
  16. Raise Your Standards: The Definitive Guide to Building Seven-Figure Sales by Mark Evans
  17. Insurance Agency Search Engine Optimization: A Proven Step-by-Step Guide to Market Domination – Scott Grates
  18. Maximizing agency value: A guide for buying, selling, and perpetuating insurance agencies – Jon Persky
  19. Interviews With Top Producing Insurance Agents 1st Edition by David M. Duford
  20. The Official Guide To Selling Insurance For New Agents: Discover How To Start And Sustain A Successful Career Selling Insurance While Avoiding The Most Common Pitfalls Plaguing New Agents by Mr. David M. Duford
  21. . 2016 Cancellation & Nonrenewal – By Christine G. Barlow, CPCU.
  22. Shock the Topline: A Practical Guide for Growing Your Insurance Practice by David Estrada
  23. Property Investigation Checklists: Uncovering Insurance Fraud (11th edition, 2015) by Michael H. Boyer
  24. Property & Casualty Insurance Essentials (8th edition) By the National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research.
  25. Secrets of Successful Insurance Sales by Jack Kinder Jr.

If you’d like to learn more about New England insurance or insurance in the state of Massachusetts for home/auto/business customers please request an insurance quote online, and business owners give us a call!

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About Premier Shield Insurance

The Premier Shield Insurance agency is one of the fast-growing “online home and auto insurance agencies” dedicated to helping residents of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Texas, Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Mexico learn more about personal lines (home, auto, life) and commercial lines insurance. We are a family-owned and operated insurance agency with office headquartered in Auburn Massachusetts.

Our goal is to help you find the best value, price, and coverage for your new homeowners or auto insurance policy. We specialize in helping consumers with complex insurance situations.

Founded in 2016 with the goal of changing the way insurance is done in Massachusetts. Premier Shield is a local & online, technology-based independent insurance agency with a customer-focused business model. We primarily work with young first-time homebuyers and professionals

between the ages of 25-45.

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