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Lapse in Coverage for Homeowners and Auto Insurance

If you have a 2020 lapse in coverage, you that every day in a lapse reduces the low prices you are eligible for and the less desirable you become as a potential new business customer in the eyes of the insurance companies.

The best thing you can do is immediately call a Premier Shield Insurance agent that will quickly find you a new insurance company and help you prevent getting your license plates revoked.

If you are within 10 days of a lapse you should be in good shape after we set you up with Progressive, Safeco, Plymouth Rock or other carriers we work with like The General (Embark Auto).

#Note that if you don’t have a Massachusetts personal auto insurance due for a lapse because you’ve been canceled for non-payment this may limit your ability to get monthly rates for car insurance.

Typically the Massachusetts insurance companies will require IN FULL annual payments of your auto insurance premiums.


Best Car Insurance Quotes in a Lapse


Many Insurance companies don’t want to do business with irresponsible people who can’t pay their insurance premiums on time. There are way too many irresponsible people who don’t pay their bills, lapse their policies, need to create additional paperwork, for what? They create nightmare scenarios for our agency and themselves personally. If this describes you, call GEICO they’re the best fit for you no matter what they’re asking you to pay they’re your best bet for monthly billing (if you have 1 or more cancel for nonpayments).

If you’re in a different insurance situation like you just forgot to make your renewal payment or you had a new price, give us a call and we’ll take good care of you and help you find a new policy for your vehicle. Just give us a call at 1-774-847-7746 or request a quote below.


Home, Auto, Life Insurance Companies in New England


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Lapsed Insurance Coverage