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Barber Shop Insurance

Find the best price and coverage on barber shop insurance in New England (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire) through the experts at Premier Shield Insurance.

Give us a call at 1-401-207-1552 to request a barber shop insurance quote.

Cheapest Barber Shop Insurance Quotes Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut Maine and New Hampshire
Protect your customers with quality barber shop insurance through the Premier Shield Insurance agency.

What is Barber Shop Insurance and What Does it Cover?

A barber shop is focused on hair cutting, shaving, and styling of men.

The majority of barber shops are considered low risk because they only include the basic hair cutting techniques.

Barber shops typically don’t offer hair coloring or other cosmetic services that are typically offered by beauty salons.

Cheap Barber Shop Insurance Quotes Rhode Island Connecticut Massachusetts Maine and New Hampshire

While they are low-risk generally speaking, barber shops still have risks associated with their small business. If a barber cuts a client’s hair in a way they didn’t specify or accidentally cutting/nicking their face while shaving could lead to a lawsuit.

As a barber shop owner your policy will also cover risks associated with the property and products you use.

By getting affordable barber shop insurance from Premier Shield Insurance you’re able to protect your shop from all types of risks.

Cheap Barber Shop Insurance Quotes Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island Maine and New Hampshire
WESLEY J. DEYOUNG 85, seated, gets his hair cut by barber Paul Raioche at the Cameron Park Barber Shop Tuesday Dec. 23. Photo by Pat Dollins

How Much Does Barber Shop Insurance Cost?

We live in New England so we understand that most things that are cheap ultimately get more expensive.

The good news is barber shop insurance prices and rates are between $450 and $725 a year.

New England Barber Shop Insurance Quotes

If you’re looking for a new barber shop insurance policy, we can help you find an affordable policy in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire.

Fill out the request for a barber shop insurance quote online or by phone 1-401-207-1552.

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