PSI Entrepreneur Program

Are you an ambitious and driven entrepreneur looking to start a business but do not know where to begin?


At Premier Shield Insurance, we can help!

Through our PSI Entrepreneur Program, you’ll get the training, resources, and tools you’ll need to start and run your own business at no cost to you!

Unlike most businesses or franchises that require large liquid assets or years of schooling and experience, Premier Shield Insurance believes that starting a business should be affordable and not require years of experience or education prior to taking on a new business endeavor.

Guidance and Education for Insurance through Experience

Brian Plain and Jonathan Anderson have owned and operated Premier Shield Insurance for over 5 years.

Prior to founding PSI, they were licensed insurance agents/producers at various other agencies throughout Massachusetts focusing on insurance sales across the United States. And Brian Plain was also a former day trader with years of experience. Throughout his time at Fidelity, he was responsible for running the retirement retention team which retained a record $500 million in just one quarter alone.

Jonathan Anderson also has years of experience working at a non-profit organization (prior to joining the insurance industry), learning the ins and outs of effective budgeting, as well as the importance of hard work and dedication and how that creates opportunity and profit for any organization year in and year out. He also supervised a delivery fleet, creating strong logistics and efficiencies using data to cut down on wasted opportunity and money to save the business tens of thousands of dollars a month on wasted manpower.


Under the mentorship of both Brian and Jonathan, everyone in the PSI Entrepreneur Program receives hands-on training to gain the confidence, skills, language, and experience to grow and nurture their own business with continued sustainability for years to come. Insurance is one of the rare industries in the capitalist market that maintains a status as recession-proof, but the complexities involved in navigating the state laws and continued customer service experience are what Premier Shield Specializes in on a day-to-day level to maintain a prosperous living experience despite the condition of the economy.


So if you are tired of having your vacation days denied, miss out on important family functions, get called in to work on your day off, haven’t seen a decent raise in years, can’t stand your boss stealing your ideas and not giving you credit, or your looking for a change in pace and want to finally have the freedom of running your own business (among other benefits of joining the PSI Entrepreneur Program) then reach out today with your resume and contact information and we’ll get the process started to see if you fit into the PSI EP!



Features and Benefits of joining the PSI Entrepreneur Program:

Learn more about “working from home as an independent insurance agent” at Premier Shield Insurance via our “Entrepreneur Program” designed to empower agents with the financial stability and workplace flexibility they need to have a “high quality of life”.

Some Program Highlights Include

  • Ability to work from home or anywhere in the world
    • Live in Texas, but have family in Maine? You can work while visiting (if you want) thanks to an investment in technology that PSI continues to maintain.
  • Uncapped commissions on new business and renewal business commissions
    • PSI does not believe in capping your earning potential, since you are the one investing your time and effort into making a living, you should always be rewarded!
  • Flexible schedule
    • As your own boss, you can work as much or as little as you want! No one should be tied to a desk for 40-60 hours a week unless they want to get compensated for all their effort and hard work!
  • Strong Training Program
    • PSI offers a 3-week live training course to learn the ins and outs of insurance and sales and marketing, but the training never stops as we want to continue to educate Entrepreneurs!
    • Entrepreneurs can expect 1-2 one on one meetings a week after the initial training period to continue the conversation on growth and understanding when it comes to running a business.
    • PSI will also hold 1-2 group meetings a week, as a round table, so that all entrepreneurs (new and experienced) can share experiences and go over new or existing ideas to help promote success for everyone!
  • Strong Incentive Program
    • PSI believes in going above and beyond simple commission compensation, which is why they run weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly contests!
    • Besides the contests, PSI believes hard work and dedication should be rewarded which is why the strongest performing Entrepreneurs will receive additional commissions and fast-tracking to opening their own physical location with the help and financial support of Premier Shield Insurance.
  • Financial freedom within 12 -24 months
    • Most business or franchise operations require 5 years of consistency to become profitable and allow the owner to take a salary.
    • PSI has been profitable since year one and will help assure that all Entrepreneurs are on the correct path to living a life that does not require financial stress. They teach proper financial decision-making to guarantee that no one’s business fails or creates a personal financial burden.

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