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4 Cars 4 Drivers Car Insurance Expensive Family Insurance Plains

The Premier Shield Insurance agency helps you find the best price price for car insurance in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia, Ohio, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Texas, and New Mexico.

The Premier Shield Insurance Agency

If you’re one of the fortunate souls to have 4 cars and 4 drivers like my Granny Annie from Kentucky would say “Aww, bless your heart“.

In all seriousness, an insurance policy will for drivers almost always implies 1 or more “Teen Drivers” which means homeowners carrying $100,000/$300,000 get their prices inflated by their current local agent.

They say they don’t have any new car Insurance quotes that are lower for you (make them email you every quote they compared). We’re expert agents when it comes to dealing with Insurance companies, first-time homebuyers, people who are buying new cars that don’t have any insurance, and pretty much any New England home, auto, or business situation you can imagine.

The owners and agents at the Premier Shield Insurance agency are on standby waiting to help you save money on business, homeowners, and auto insurance.


4 Cars 4 Drivers Car Insurance Quotes


If you’re paying over $3,500 a year in 2021 we can help you save money. Obviously, rates vary city to city, town to in Massachusetts.

Request a Homeowners Insurance policy quote today by calling 1-774-847-7746


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