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2020 Auto and Homeowners Insurance Market Disruption (Be Prepared) in Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire

At Premier Shield Insurance we welcome Auto and Homeowners Insurance Market Disruption in 2020! There is more complacency and out-dated business models in the insurance industry than any other industry.

Many insurance companies are doing business like it’s 1998. We still have to quote a lot of companies in “Internet Explore” because they’re website are capabile of using “Google Chrome” or “FireFox” (Let they’re some new fancy brower). Insurance companies and insurance agencies refuse to invest the money needed (not much compared to the billions the collect) to make insure better for all parties [Agents, Agencies, Insurance Companies, and Consumers].

There is a big reason Premier Shield Insurance is the #1 for Traffic for Massachusetts Insurance Agencies. That trend will continue as we help more and more people in New England!

Brian Plain & Jonathan Anderson Cofounders of PSI

Premier Shield Insurance can help you and other New Engalnd residents save money on car and homwoners insurance prices. If you’re concerned about your “renewal premium increase” or you’re buying a new car or a new home, it’s time to switch to the best home and auto insurance in Massachusetts.

So you’re a resident of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire and you noticed we might be going to war with Iran, stock markets are hitting “all-time highs” everything is great economically but what could go wrong during an election year like 2020?

“PLENANTY OF ECONOMIC TURMOIL AND POLITICAL HEADWINDS ARE AHEAD IN 2020” If you expect to you car or auto insurane prices to go down, you should readjust your budget. Unfortunately, economic and price volatility in the equity markets will lead to higher prices for Massachusetts car insurance.

Brian Plain – Premier Shield CoFounder

When Trump killed that Iranian general we saw huge spikes in oil, gold, and bitcoin which means volatility in the world and financial structures (including insurance).

At Premier Shield Insurance, we’re more than some stiffs in a suite talking about “Accident Forgiveness”. We’re business owners who have a strong understanding of financial markets, stocks, options, and economic trends.

Insurance Companies We ‘Disrupt’ and Insurance Companies We Frequently Have Better Rates and Alternatives for Consumers

We are proud to be a strong competitior in the insurance agency space and it’s thanks to our strong partnership with Safeco (Liberty Mutual) and Progressive. They have both supported us 100% since the very beginning. The have helped become a leading insurance agency in Massachusetts which has allowed us to help thousands of consumers save time and money on homeowners and auto insurance.

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Expect More New England Price Increases for Car Insurance in 2020

As we continue to lead the online auto and homeowners insurance revolution in 2020 we continue to see Massachusetts car insurance price volatility playing a major role in consumer behavior.

Auto Business and Homeowners Insurance Quotes of 2020 in New England

It’s 2020 and your current insurance agency is old, out-dated, and what are they doing for you exactly? If you’re looking for big savings on auto and homeowners insurance in New England find an agent at Premier Shield Insurance to help you. We’re experts and will find you insurance discounts to help you save more money.

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