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Premier Shield Insurance specializes in home, auto, flood, and life insurance.

Insuring Auburn and All of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Ohio, Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, New Mexico, and Maine

Who we are

The Premier Shield Insurance agency has quickly become the #1 Auto and Home Insurance Agency Website for Traffic in New England. Our goal is to provide better online insurance education for users and provide customers with better insurance coverage and lower premiums. We are celebrating 5 years as an agency in June of 2021 and we’re proud of our accomplishments and ability to shake up the “very stale insurance industry”.

In 2021, the customers looking for a better understanding of how insurance works and what steps they can do to lower their flood, home, auto, or life insurance cost choose Premier Shield.

Jonathan Anderson & Brian Plain have sacrificed greatly over the years and have worked tirelessly to help bring the best and most innovative insurance agency solutions to our customers. Often times we’re up at 4 AM working on insurance-related content, customer policy help, and doing everything in our power to create a wonderful customers experience for the people shopping and comparing rates for home, auto, and flood.

At the Premier Shield Insurance agency, our team of insurance agents and insurance agency owners are nice and wonderful people just like you!

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We have new families we support and we’re homeowners, condo-owners, small business owners, fathers, mothers, and just like you, we sometimes have to deal with and juggle all of life’s curveballs for both ourselves and our customers.

What we do

The Premier Shield Insurance specializes in simplifying the life of homeowners, small business owners, and drivers when it comes to dealing. First and foremost, we’re insurance advocates for consumers.

In 2021 you’ll find aggressive insurance agents just about anywhere you go. We’re not here to sell you anything. If going to a competitor of ours is the best decision for you and your family, we’ll say “thank you” and “we’re sorry we couldn’t help but we can shake hands and part as friends”.

We believe strongly we have a fiscal responsibility to represent the best interest of consumers and insurance companies alike. At Premier, we take our fiduciary responsibility and duty as insurance agents of helping and protecting consumers very seriously.

Why you need us

Our expertise is in helping customers overcome 99% of the problems insurance customers face when dealing with insurance. Our agents are experts in finding better policy and coverage options for flood, small business, life, home, and auto insurance.

The reason is simple, Premier Shield insurance agents have far more expertise across multiple industries than your average insurance agent. That gives us a unique ability to solve previously unsolvable insurance problems. That combined that we’re always getting new insurance companies to offer better insurance solutions for our customers.

Our agency provided well over 10,000 quotes and solved unique insurance problems for thousands of drivers and homeowners.

Who we help

Premier Shield Insurance helps people from all walks of life have a better experience dealing with insurance agents, agencies, and companies. From the affluent, high-net-worth, and ultra-wealthy to the working poor and middle-class, we have solutions and expertise to help you overcome the most challenging and pricy insurance scenarios.

Some of the situations we solve are so incredibly complex and most insurance agents don’t have the time or inclination to go the extra mile, invest the hour or 2 it will take to solve your problem. They will often offer you a callback on a “new business insurance quote” and you’ll simply never hear from them again.

Below are a few of the many insurance situations we help solve.

  • Insurance for new home purchases
  • High-Value Home Insurance – Homeowners with custom, luxury, high-end real estate finally have an excellent alternative to Chubb Insurance. We partner with some of the best high-value home insurance providers to offer you personalized coverage packages for up to $5,000,000 in Guaranteed Replacement Cost with ZERO Coastal Restrictions
  • High-Value Homeowners Flood Insurance policyholders that live in high-risk flood zones need higher coverage and lower-cost flood policy solutions.
  • Auto and Home Insurance Bundles for customers looking to save up to 50% when switching home and auto insurance providers.
  • First-time homebuyers
  • Customers experiencing auto, home, flood, small business, or life insurance policy rate increases for their 2021 renewals.
  • Affluent and high-net-worth individuals and families adding teen drivers or twins to a policy.
  • Large and older homes that may be hard to insure
  • Owner-Occupied multi-family homeowners insurance
  • Landlord and Investment Property Management Insurance Coverage
  • New and startup small businesses needing affordable general liability insurance policies.
  • Coastal home insurance customers seeking better coverage, cheaper premiums, and better insurance companies than their current MASS FAIR PLAN MPIUA home policy.
  • Customers with larger and older homes with premiums over $2,000 per year.
  • Homeowners and auto insurance for people moving to Massachusetts from out-of-state or a foreign country.
  • Insurance for drivers that need help registering and insuring vehicles in Massachusetts.
  • Drivers dealing with revoked vehicle or expired registration issues.
  • New drivers under the age of 25 need help lowering their insurance costs, monthly rates, and annual premiums.
  • Homeowners and auto insurance customers that have had a poor experience, price increase on renewal, recent claim, or that need assistance shopping and comparing new insurance company rates, prices, quotes, and premiums to their current Allstate, American Family, Amica, Arbella, Concord Group, CSAA Insurance Group, Esurance, Erie, Farmers, Foremost, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, MAPFRE/Commerce, Mercury, Metlife, Norfolk & Dedham, State Farm, National General, Nationwide, Progressive, The General Insurance, The Hartford, Travelers, USAA, and Vermont Mutual policy

What makes us different

Our local home & auto agents provide fast, friendly, and personalized service when helping customers deal with their current company. We are different than all 5,400+ insurance agencies in Massachusetts. Our data-driven customer-centric focus has brought our agency amazing reviews which have led to us ranking high in Google. We don’t do paid Google ads like these other agencies, our traffic is 100% organic and speaks directly to consumers.

We primarily work with families, small business owners, and young professionals between the ages of 25-45 providing expertise and help for first-time homeowners looking for the best insurance company. Our agents take the time to shop and compare different companies, rates, coverage options, and quotes.

We will spend however long it takes on the phone for you to fully review, analyze, understand your insurance policy, the coverages, your options, and help you choose what option is going to best fit your budget. Pricing for home insurance solutions for their new home policies can vary greatly from company to company.

Many consumers struggle to understand premiums and pricing, especially in 2021 when you have a great deal of economic uncertainty and price volatility. Our agency focus is on helping homeowners and drivers solve expensive and complex insurance problems by finding them better insurance companies, with lower prices, better claims service, and higher coverage options.

Founded in 2016 with the goal of changing the way insurance is done in Massachusetts. Premier Shield Insurance is a local AND online, technology-based independent insurance and SEO agency with a customer-focused business model.

We are a millennial, family-owned, and local agency (With 20 years of business, financial, and insurance experience). We put our customers’ needs at the top of our to-do list every day.

Premier Shield Insurance is a licensed P&C insurance agency that writes policies for clients on behalf of excellent insurance carriers in 10 states Massachusetts, Connecticut, Texas, Virginia, Ohio, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Mexico.

Everything we do here at Premier Shield Insurance is to bring content & education to you in a way that has never been done in “the history of insurance” or the “history of insurance agencies”. Our goal and business model is SUPER SIMPLE, treat people with respect, and be honest with them. We help customers throughout the US solve expensive and complex insurance situations

The Premier Shield Insurance Agency specializes in flood car/auto, home/condo, commercial/flood/auto/trucking, local/national business, life, motorcycle, boat/personal watercraft, and small business insurance.

We have longstanding strategic partnerships with many large and high-quality insurance companies like Progressive, Metlife, Neptune Flood, Openly, Universal Property and Casualty, Plymouth Rock, and Safeco to help bring consumers the best coverage and pricing options for their insurance needs.

Premier Shield small business and commercial agents utilize Hiscox for our small business insurance solutions providing general liability, E&O or errors, and commissions, D&O or director and office, business owners’ policies to provide Premier Shield Insurance works hard to insure small business owners and customers with low-cost and essential policy coverage options and.

Our agency believes in creating a “well informed” consumer base when it comes to dealing with insurance needs for flood, auto & home insurance. We know we have excellent insurance companies offering price stability for homeowners who bundle with auto. We have been finding many new customers in 2021 “searching for auto and homeowners quotes” and we are here to help and provide world-class customer service and friendly agents.

Some of our skills and areas of expertise

  • Assess insurance risk for property, automobile, flooding, and life insurance companies and customers.
  • Risk management
  • Strategies for adding a teenage or youthful driver to an auto insurance policy.
  • Home insurance coverage enhancement
  • Personalized service
  • Customer experience
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Finding lower prices for insurance
  • Insurance pricing
  • high-frequency trading
  • derivative trading
  • insurance technology
  • intelligent decision-making
  • Real-time insurance quotes
  • Solving human problems without machines and AI decision making
  • Product knowledge of the world’s leading insurance companies
  • Proprietary SEO Google-powered algorithm keyword generation and local small business social media video marketing methods
  • Developing automated customer service technology for the insurance industry.
  • Demonstrating the highest level of patience dealing with customers emotional about their current insurance price, coverage, or company.
  • Private equity, Fintech, and Insuretech companies and market innovations.
  • New technologies, customer market segmentation
  • How customers interact with insurance providers and how policyholders can get the lowest possible premium.
  • Delivering a world-class and personalized customer insurance shopping experience that differs greatly from the old, slow, and out-dated traditional insurance agency model.
  • The best car and homeowners insurance providers for tech-savvy consumers who know what they want.
  • The United States’ current economic challenges and social impacts of facing the rich, poor, and middle class.
  • The stock market, mutual funds, options, futures, currencies, insurance, banking, the financial services industry, and how they all work.
  • Personal finance and the struggles facing recent high school graduates entering the workforce.
  • Why the ancient insurance agency model of the past is going away and transforming to a better and more digital insurance agency model.


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