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Premier Shield Insurance specializes in home, auto, flood, and life insurance.

Insuring Auburn and All of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Ohio, Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, New Mexico, and Maine

Who we are

The Premier Shield Insurance agency has quickly become the #1 Auto and Home Insurance Agency Website for Traffic in New England. Our goal is to provide better online insurance education for users and provide customers with better insurance coverage and lower premiums. We are celebrating 5 years as an agency in June of 2021 and we’re proud of our accomplishments and ability to shake up the “very stale insurance industry”.

In 2021, the customers looking for a better understanding of how insurance works and what steps they can do to lower their flood, home, auto, or life insurance cost choose Premier Shield.

Jonathan Anderson & Brian Plain have sacrificed greatly over the years and have worked tirelessly to help bring the best and most innovative insurance agency solutions to our customers. Often times we’re up at 4 AM working on insurance-related content, customer policy help, and doing everything in our power to create a wonderful customers experience for the people shopping and comparing rates for home, auto, and flood.

At the Premier Shield Insurance agency, our team of insurance agents and insurance agency owners are nice and wonderful people just like you!

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We have new families we support and we’re homeowners, condo-owners, small business owners, fathers, mothers, and just like you, we sometimes have to deal with and juggle all of life’s curveballs for both ourselves and our customers.

What we do

The Premier Shield Insurance specializes in simplifying the life of homeowners, small business owners, and drivers when it comes to dealing. First and foremost, we’re insurance advocates for consumers.

In 2021 you’ll find aggressive insurance agents just about anywhere you go. We’re not here to sell you anything. If going to a competitor of ours is the best decision for you and your family, we’ll say “thank you” and “we’re sorry we couldn’t help but we can shake hands and part as friends”.

We believe strongly we have a fiscal responsibility to represent the best interest of consumers and insurance companies alike. At Premier, we take our fiduciary responsibility and duty as insurance agents of helping and protecting consumers very seriously.

Why you need us

Our expertise is in helping customers overcome 99% of the problems insurance customers face when dealing with insurance. Our agents are experts in finding better policy and coverage options for flood, small business, life, home, and auto insurance.

The reason is simple, Premier Shield insurance agents have far more expertise across multiple industries than your average insurance agent. That gives us a unique ability to solve previously unsolvable insurance problems. That combined that we’re always getting new insurance companies to offer better insurance solutions for our customers.

Our agency provided well over 10,000 quotes and solved unique insurance problems for thousands of drivers and homeowners.

Who we help

Premier Shield Insurance helps people from all walks of life have a better experience dealing with insurance agents, agencies, and companies. From the affluent, high-net-worth, and ultra-wealthy to the working poor and middle-class, we have solutions and expertise to help you overcome the most challenging and pricy insurance scenarios.

Some of the situations we solve are so incredibly complex and most insurance agents don’t have the time or inclination to go the extra mile, invest the hour or 2 it will take to solve your problem. They will often offer you a callback on a “new business insurance quote” and you’ll simply never hear from them again.

Below are a few of the many insurance situations we help solve.

  • Insurance for new home purchases
  • High-Value Home Insurance – Homeowners with custom, luxury, high-end real estate finally have an excellent alternative to Chubb Insurance. We partner with some of the best high-value home insurance providers to offer you personalized coverage packages for up to $5,000,000 in Guaranteed Replacement Cost with ZERO Coastal Restrictions
  • High-Value Homeowners Flood Insurance policyholders that live in high-risk flood zones need higher coverage and lower-cost flood policy solutions.
  • Auto and Home Insurance Bundles for customers looking to save up to 50% when switching home and auto insurance providers.
  • First-time homebuyers
  • Customers experiencing auto, home, flood, small business, or life insurance policy rate increases for their 2021 renewals.
  • Affluent and high-net-worth individuals and families adding teen drivers or twins to a policy.
  • Large and older homes that may be hard to insure
  • Owner-Occupied multi-family homeowners insurance
  • Landlord and Investment Property Management Insurance Coverage
  • New and startup small businesses needing affordable general liability insurance policies.
  • Coastal home insurance customers seeking better coverage, cheaper premiums, and better insurance companies than their current MASS FAIR PLAN MPIUA home policy.
  • Customers with larger and older homes with premiums over $2,000 per year.
  • Homeowners and auto insurance for people moving to Massachusetts from out-of-state or a foreign country.
  • Insurance for drivers that need help registering and insuring vehicles in Massachusetts.
  • Drivers dealing with revoked vehicle or expired registration issues.
  • New drivers under the age of 25 need help lowering their insurance costs, monthly rates, and annual premiums.
  • Homeowners and auto insurance customers that have had a poor experience, price increase on renewal, recent claim, or that need assistance shopping and comparing new insurance company rates, prices, quotes, and premiums to their current Allstate, American Family, Amica, Arbella, Concord Group, CSAA Insurance Group, Esurance, Erie, Farmers, Foremost, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, MAPFRE/Commerce, Mercury, Metlife, Norfolk & Dedham, State Farm, National General, Nationwide, Progressive, The General Insurance, The Hartford, Travelers, USAA, and Vermont Mutual policy

What makes us different

Our local home & auto agents provide fast, friendly, and personalized service when helping customers deal with their current company. We are different than all 5,400+ insurance agencies in Massachusetts. Our data-driven customer-centric focus has brought our agency amazing reviews which have led to us ranking high in Google. We don’t do paid Google ads like these other agencies, our traffic is 100% organic and speaks directly to consumers.

We primarily work with families, small business owners, and young professionals between the ages of 25-45 providing expertise and help for first-time homeowners looking for the best insurance company. Our agents take the time to shop and compare different companies, rates, coverage options, and quotes.

We will spend however long it takes on the phone for you to fully review, analyze, understand your insurance policy, the coverages, your options, and help you choose what option is going to best fit your budget. Pricing for home insurance solutions for their new home policies can vary greatly from company to company.

Many consumers struggle to understand premiums and pricing, especially in 2021 when you have a great deal of economic uncertainty and price volatility. Our agency focus is on helping homeowners and drivers solve expensive and complex insurance problems by finding them better insurance companies, with lower prices, better claims service, and higher coverage options.

Founded in 2016 with the goal of changing the way insurance is done in Massachusetts. Premier Shield Insurance is a local AND online, technology-based independent insurance and SEO agency with a customer-focused business model.

We are a millennial, family-owned, and local agency (With 20 years of business, financial, and insurance experience). We put our customers’ needs at the top of our to-do list every day.

Premier Shield Insurance is a licensed P&C insurance agency that writes policies for clients on behalf of excellent insurance carriers in 10 states Massachusetts, Connecticut, Texas, Virginia, Ohio, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Mexico.

Everything we do here at Premier Shield Insurance is to bring content & education to you in a way that has never been done in “the history of insurance” or the “history of insurance agencies”. Our goal and business model is SUPER SIMPLE, treat people with respect, and be honest with them. We help customers throughout the US solve expensive and complex insurance situations

The Premier Shield Insurance Agency specializes in flood car/auto, home/condo, commercial/flood/auto/trucking, local/national business, life, motorcycle, boat/personal watercraft, and small business insurance.

We have longstanding strategic partnerships with many large and high-quality insurance companies like Progressive, Metlife, Neptune Flood, Openly, Universal Property and Casualty, Plymouth Rock, and Safeco to help bring consumers the best coverage and pricing options for their insurance needs.

Premier Shield small business and commercial agents utilize Hiscox for our small business insurance solutions providing general liability, E&O or errors, and commissions, D&O or director and office, business owners’ policies to provide Premier Shield Insurance works hard to insure small business owners and customers with low-cost and essential policy coverage options and.

Our agency believes in creating a “well informed” consumer base when it comes to dealing with insurance needs for flood, auto & home insurance. We know we have excellent insurance companies offering price stability for homeowners who bundle with auto. We have been finding many new customers in 2021 “searching for auto and homeowners quotes” and we are here to help and provide world-class customer service and friendly agents.

Some of our skills and areas of expertise

  • Assess insurance risk for property, automobile, flooding, and life insurance companies and customers.
  • Risk management
  • Strategies for adding a teenage or youthful driver to an auto insurance policy.
  • Home insurance coverage enhancement
  • Personalized service
  • Customer experience
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Finding lower prices for insurance
  • Insurance pricing
  • high-frequency trading
  • derivative trading
  • insurance technology
  • intelligent decision-making
  • Real-time insurance quotes
  • Solving human problems without machines and AI decision making
  • Product knowledge of the world’s leading insurance companies
  • Proprietary SEO Google-powered algorithm keyword generation and local small business social media video marketing methods
  • Developing automated customer service technology for the insurance industry.
  • Demonstrating the highest level of patience dealing with customers emotional about their current insurance price, coverage, or company.
  • Private equity, Fintech, and Insuretech companies and market innovations.
  • New technologies, customer market segmentation
  • How customers interact with insurance providers and how policyholders can get the lowest possible premium.
  • Delivering a world-class and personalized customer insurance shopping experience that differs greatly from the old, slow, and out-dated traditional insurance agency model.
  • The best car and homeowners insurance providers for tech-savvy consumers who know what they want.
  • The United States’ current economic challenges and social impacts of facing the rich, poor, and middle class.
  • The stock market, mutual funds, options, futures, currencies, insurance, banking, the financial services industry, and how they all work.
  • Personal finance and the struggles facing recent high school graduates entering the workforce.
  • Why the ancient insurance agency model of the past is going away and transforming to a better and more digital insurance agency model.

What do flood, home, and auto insurance customers say about the Premier Shield Insurance agency?

We help and take the time with everyone. Any local agent can put some non sense on a website, below are all our Google Reviews. We’re proud of the work we’ve done to help customer save money over the past 5 years and we’re looking forward to helping even more people in the years to come.

  1. “After finding out that my old insurance was not going to renew my policy the stress was on but once I called premier insurance & spoke to Taylor little he put my mind at ease & made my search for new insurance easy & very helpful’ treated me like a human and not just another number’ he was super helpful & would Recommend his services to anyone in need of new car insurance’ thank you again !!!!”
  2. “Always a pleasure to work with Brian Plain. That’s why I refer all my customers to him . He’s really efficient and understand your needs .”
  3. “Been with this company for a while and haven’t had any issues at all. Friendly people and found me a great rate!”
  4. “Best company in Massachusetts hands down. Ask for Brian Plain!!”
  5. “Best price ive ever gotten from any insurance company , literally saved me $3,000 Brian the manager is awesome”
  6. “Beyond excellent customer service! Had a dilemma finding a good insurance for the right price. Brian was so patient and kind helping me out. You won’t be disappointed! Got a great deal on a 2016 that’s not easy in Boston! Thanks again!”
  7. “Brain was soo helpful! I got pulled over and was stuck in a parking lot and Brian had my car insured and registered in about 30 minutes over the phone. There was no hassle or running around. Premier insurance is the way to go!!”
  8. “Brian and his Staff are Absolutely fabulous 👍🏼They go above and beyond ! I highly recommend Premier Shield Insurance 💯”
    “Brian and Taylor were very helpful in getting me the lowest quotes possible, walking me through every step, and getting me insurance ASAP. Great customer service, fun to talk with, and great prices—would highly recommend, especially to newer drivers or older people who are new to driving!”
  9. “Brian has been helping me over the last 2 years. He has been very responsive and finds me the best policy out there always. Highly recommend!”
  10. “Brian has been so fantastic with helping with EVERYTHING!! from home insurance to auto insurance he’s been my go-to guy for a few years now. Brian will take the initiative to price compare and get you the best rates for you. And, when it’s time to renew a policy Brian doesn’t have a problem with telling me the facts of which insurance agency would benefit me and my family more and that’s what I appreciate the most about his services. And, his amazing customer service skills make the relationship that much better. I have recommended Premier Shield Insurance AND Brian to EVERYONE who has ever brought up the topic of home and auto insurance around me. I don’t know what we would do without him!”
  11. “Brian he’s the best and a trustworthy This my second years l deal with Brian, I give him 5 stars”
  12. “Brian is a life savior. I was really out of options with getting both my car and the wife’s car insured. We tried just about every company out there and they were all way too expensive. Luckily, a family member connected us with Brian and the rest was history. We have the best car insurance deal in town and we only have Brian to thank for it. He was quick, he knew what he was talking about and he understands the struggle out there. Thanks a million!”
  13. “Brian is a stand up guy and an individual who truly cares about helping people get affordable rates!! Would definitely recommend and give 5 stars!”
  14. “Brian is extremely helpful, kind and great to talk to! Can’t thank him enough for helping me resolve my situation in a matter of minutes!”
  15. “Brian is hands down one of the best people I’ve worked with. Super kind, actively responsive, knowledgeable, provides multiple excellent options, patient, and gets things done in a proper and timely manner. I always appreciate his assistance, and would highly recommend to any and everyone!”
  16. “Brian is my agent and he is always on top of things. Notifying me when anything pops up that may impact my rates and always being friendly and honest. Thank you Brian.”
  17. “Brian is super helpful and thorough. He makes sure I have exactly what I need and want, while also making sure I’ve thought of everything. When the insurance company sends things I don’t understand, he is quick to clarify things for me. Being something other than a number is important and Brian makes you feel like a priority.”
  18. “Brian is the amazing!! So helpful, walks you through everything so you aren’t confused. Always quick responses! Gets you a great rate! 10/10 would recommend. Thanks for making everything so easy. I will definitely being keeping him as my insurance representative.”
  19. “Brian is the best in this business!! He helped me get my first insurance as a new driver for the best deal! If you are struggling with high insurance or need insurance, he can help you with everything! I would recommend it to everyone!”
  20. “Brian is the best! Hands down the best rep I’ve ever worked with! If you’re tired of your insurance company give them a call and he’ll get you the lowest possible rate and walk you through everything! We love you Brian!!”
  21. “Brian is the best! He lowered my insurance by 100 dollars! I highly recommend Brian to everyone!!”
    “Brian is the greatest. He got me the most affordable rate possible in town! And while he’s typing up the quote he’ll crack jokes which makes the time fly. He’s so great at what he does, I’m sure he can do this in his sleep lol. I’ve only been dealing with him a year and it feels like I’ve known him for ever cause he’s so friendly. Y’all better get on with calling Brian right now! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT, I PROMISE!!!”
  22. “Brian is the man, Always receive the most help and no problem is left without a solution.”
  23. “Brian took care of me, he went above and beyond for me… Such a great service I’m writing a review, i never do… Can’t go wrong with Brian!”
  24. “Brian took the initiative to find me better rates with different carriers for the same or better coverage. I now have mr home, auto, and umbrella policies with Premier Shield.”
  25. “Brian was a big help as always today just wish they were open more days a week I tried calling Friday to resolve my issue but when I looked it up they were not open”
  26. “Brian was a tremendous help! I recently got married and every other company I tried going with prior was a nightmare to deal with. A friend recommended Brian and his company Premium Shield Insurance and not only was his price well below every other quote I received the customer service was absolutely top notch! He had everything taken care of for me quickly (less than an hour after speaking with him!), easily and was able to add renters insurance for an amazing price! He has even gone out of his way since obtaining the policy to ask if I had any questions or if there was anything else he could do. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for insurance that likes things done quickly, efficiently and for a very competitive price :)”
  27. “Brian was absolutely excellent saved me money on my car insurance and helped me register my trailer. Will definitely be keeping him as my agent from now on!”
  28. “Brian was awesome! He was a great help ! Even help me lower auto insurance ! I couldn’t have been more happier with my results ! I recommend going to him !”
  29. “Brian was awesome! Very helpful in saving us almost $300 on insurance! He’s got a great personality and I look forward to working with him in the future. Thank you for Brian!”
  30. “Brian was incredibly responsive and helpful. Within a couple hours, he took care of everything, saved me money, found me better options and he made the process completely painless. Not only that, but we had a great conversation. Very different from the typical experience you’d expect dealing with an insurance agent. If you have the opportunity to work with Brian, I HIGHLY recommend taking advantage. Great guy and great customer service. Thank you, Brian!!”
  31. “Brian was so helpful and personable. I was able to save a lot on my car insurance and the process was very fast. I recommend this company for great rates and great service!!”
  32. “Brian was SO helpful. After my insurance policy got canceled, I knew that my rates might be higher on my next policy. I contacted Brian and was amazed when he found me an extremely low rate for both basic and full auto insurance coverage. I’m so happy and relieved. Brian got me back on the road, with a better policy than before, in 24 hours. Thank you!!”
  33. “Brian was such a great help to my and fiancé I. We had a misunderstanding with our previous auto policy. He went above and beyond to correct the mistake. I’d recommend Premier Shield to my family and friends.”
  34. “Brian was super nice and very helpful! Helped me figure out a way to lower my car insurance! Very professional!!”
  35. “Brian was very helpful and was able to answered every question in regards to the combined car and home insurance as well in savings us some money on each. Wow! But most of all we are so please and at peace in getting the covered we deserved for this old house. Thank you”
  36. “Brian has helped me soo much with obtaining affordable insurance prices. He’s always available to talk and resolve any problems that I may have. He’s very professional and always gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Plus we have the same name!”
  37. “Cancel my insurance still got money taken out of my account. Not happy”
  38. “David was one of the only people that could or would help me with my situation, fast and on point couldn’t ask for better service thanks again for the help!!!”
  39. “Devin was a great agent to work with very pleased with his help, going above and beyond to make me feel secure.”
  40. “During our home buying experience Brian and his team were a great help for our quick closing deadline. And a year later we needed help agin, there he was to make sure we had the coverage we needed. Quality work 5 Stars.”
  41. “Excellent company! John Tozer has excellent customer service skills and gets the best prices. Will definitely be recommending them to everyone.”
  42. “Excellent customer service and saved a lot of money thanks to Brian”
  43. “Fantastic job, great customer service, save me a lot money thank you.”
  44. “Friendly and responsive.”
  45. “Glad I came across Premier Shield Insurance. Brian was professional, quick, understanding and amazing in helping me release the stress of finding good and affordable insurance. Strongly recommend!”
  46. “Go talk to Brian that dude is awesome he was able help me out with some affordable 💪🏼 Real MVP”
  47. “Got a quote fast and efficient. Rebecca is kind and wonderful at her job and is very knowledgeable when it’s comes to insurance/policy’s etc. would definately recommend to anyone looking for insurance in the Mass area 👍🏻👍🏻”
  48. “Great customer service! Thank you Brian for helping me find the perfect insurance especially within my budget. He was very patient with me and provided answers to all of my questions.”
  49. “Great customer service! Treats you like a customer he values every time.”
  50. “Great experience! I was buying a new car and called Brian and he immediately gave me the lowest rate. Fastest and easiest car insurance process I’ve ever been through. He’s very knowledgeable about what he does and was very helpful when I had any questions. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a fast, easy, and affordable car insurance shopping experience!!”
  51. “Great rates and great people. Would strongly recommend for a new home buyer!”
  52. “Great service! Brian has been helping me with auto/renters insurance for the past 3 years – he always finds the best rates!”
  53. “Had a pleasure to with Brian. He was very detailed and talked me through each and every option with his recommendation. He saved me over $500 in home and car insurance. Thank you Brian!!!”
  54. “Had the pleasure of being helped by Brian and he was extremely genuine with his assistance in finding the best insurance package for me.”
  55. “I called Premier Shield Insurance looking for help because Geico was charging so much. Brian was amazing not only did he literally saved my life but he saved my pockets. He pulled strings he went over and beyond to help me. I can’t thank him enough. I super highly recommend Premier Shield insurance. Thank you!!!!”
  56. “I couldn’t be more grateful and excited for finding premier shield insurance. The gentlemen that helped me was Brian and he was by far hands down the most honest respectful gentlemen that i have ever spoke to in my life. Most insurance companies try and scam you they try and sell the highest insurance possible they tell you one price but then when you get your bill it’s something totally different but not with premier shield he saved me hundreds of dollars i was paying twice as much before when i had Esurance now im paying half of that and i don’t just have car insurance i have renters insurance also. I strongly urge everyone to stop over paying for insurance and switch today to premier shield insurance only you can make that change and i promise you won’t regret it switch today call right now or go online stop over paying do it now🙏🙏”
  57. “I found myself in a bind when i learned that – to my surprise – my car insurance was invalid in the state of Mass and my registration was revoked. The car was impounded and was going to cost me $50 per day until I could get it. I went online to make an appt at the registry and could not get one for over three weeks. I found Premier online by chance and am so happy that i did!! Brian was responsive, professional and got me car insurance for less than half of what the other companies were quoting me. He took care of all of the paperwork and I was able to get my car back the next day. When all is said and done, Brian saved me almost $1500”
  58. “I had a positive experience speaking with Bryan! He is very informative and helpful and has the customers best interest! He understood my insurance needs and provided the best options for me!” {“Positive: Professionalism , Quality , Responsiveness , Value”}
  59. “I had just moved to Massachusetts from out of state and Taylor was SUPER helpful. He spent the time to explain the different car insurance setup in Mass and looked at a bunch of different options so I could get the best rate. I highly recommend them, especially if you don’t know much about insurance like me.”
  60. “I have been using premier shield insurance for many years and have never been disappointed. They have always gone above and beyond with their customer service ! I have high point and with their help my car insurance is down 200 dollars. I highly recommend them when looking to find the lowest prices on car insurance.”
  61. “I have been working with Brian P. for the last year and hes been great! From the first time I connected with him, to being able to answer any questions or concerns I’ve had. Brian’s biggest objective is to assure I have the best policy plan and he makes sure to go up and beyond doing so! Thanks Brian!”
  62. “I have struggled for years to get below $400 a month on my insurance policy. I have been with Geico, AAA, and Liberty Mutual. Unfortunately, I was not able to get much help until Brian. He was able to cut my policy right in half. Even before he could help me, he helped nearly everyone in my family and a few friends. I recommended him to everyone before he could help me because he was kind, responded quickly, very straight forward (never gave me the run around), and goes above and beyond. His customer service skills are impeccable!”
  63. “I have to say Brian the owner of premier shield insurance is one of the best insurance agents I’ve ever had to deal with in my life he quite literally will go out of his way to make sure that things are very good for you I cannot say enough how much I appreciate all he has done for me with my wife and kids that are now on insurance too thank you Brian”
  64. “I have worked with Premier Shield Insurance for a few years now and they do not disappoint! After needing to start up a new policy, I was put in contact with Rebecca who set me up with everything I needed in a timely and professional manner. I highly recommend Premier Shield Insurance.”
  65. “I just got off the phone with Rebecca and let me tell you, she is awesome! Rebecca helped me find an affordable quote. She was super helpful and patient when explaining everything to me. This is my second year with premier shield insurance and I am thrilled. Taylor helped me the first year and he is fantastic as well. Thank you guys 😊”
  66. “I literally just hung up with Brian and had to come over right away to talk about my experience with dealing with him he is so awesome he helped me out less than two minutes he had an answer for my question I recommend for anyone to go to premium shield because he’s the best”
  67. “I love this company Brian is the best”
  68. “I made a phone call to Brian and he helped me. He was able to cancel my plates for me over the internet. It was one less thing I needed to worry about!”
  69. “I talked with Brian as my agent he helped me out tremendously. I totally recommend anyone you’ll be satisfied.”
  70. “I was happy with the help I got from Rebecca. Rebecca has good customer services and I shared that with my family and one my brother is looking to be your customers because the way I told him the support I got from Rebecca . I will recommend more people to join you guys. Thank you!”
  71. “I worked with Brian and Taylor. They were both super fast and efficient, patient with all my questions, and went above and beyond getting me a GREAT quote. They saved me a huge chunk of change for the same coverage i was receiving from another company. I’d refer everyone to them!”
  72. “I worked with Brian with help getting insurance for my first car. He was so helpful and responsive! He also knew how find the best possible options for me to get the best quote and coverage that I needed. I highly recommend using this company and talking to Brian for your insurance needs!”
  73. “I would like to start I had to give up to car I couldn’t afford it no more so i decided with my tax refund to buy a older used car I did well the dealer fail to tell me 2 weeks later I had to go to the registry myself I thought dealer did that. Anyways I paid the insurance and thought I was good well I had tickets from pay by the plate t h e old plate had been revoked and I had no clue what to do how much nothing insurance company was no help I happen to goggle what to do and this number and company pulled up I left a message with the hour I got a text I am out of the office but I will touch base tomorrow and he did ,This wonderful person Brian was his name had told me what exactly what I had to do and he had taken time out of I am sure his busy day and help me on the phone for a few hours calling one place getting that paid getting though to pay by plate that done and been able to get my car on the road and getting plates reinstated miracle. Myself and son are currently in a homeless shelter and on top of that I have M.S so happy been able to drive when its needed .myself and son would like to thank Brian for taken t hat extra time from your very busy day and helping beyond that point were most would say you have to call this number then call this number and days later still no answer .Thank you 😊”
  74. “I’m so thankful I was referred to Brian! He helped me beyond expectations, and got me such an awesome rate!!!!! He really is there for the customer! Thank you Brian! 🙏🏼”
  75. “I’ve been working with Bryan and he’s has been so helpful!”
  76. “I’m convinced Brian is the best agent out there! He is always easy to reach, responsive, efficient, and got me the best deal around. When I tell people what I pay for my insurance they’re always amazed. Highly recommended!!!”
  77. “I’m happy i had Taylor’s help with finding the perfect quote for me, I’m super happy and relieved with the results i got, Being a new driver i needed to speak with someone that could understand me. Taylor was very efficient , fast and Polite. Thank you once again”
  78. “In such a time like this when it’s hard to reach anyone because of Covid-19, Brian from premier shield insurance text me because I couldn’t answer the phone. We went Back and forth sharing information and he handled everything through text. That is top notch customer service. Thank you premier shield insurance.”
  79. “It was a pleasure working with my agent. I really appreciated all her work.”
    “It was hard choosing the best car insurance involves comparing claims satisfaction, prices, and the services offered. Brian took good care of me got me the best deal ever. A few months later got in a car accident on a Sunday he took time to make sure everything was ok started my claim process and everything.”
  80. “It’s always a pleasure to work with Brian. He’s very knowledgeable and a great person to talk to. He always responds in a timely manner. If you’re in doubt of your current insurance just give him a call.”
  81. “It’s amazing how some customer’s think the world revolves around them! At Premier Shield Insurance, I’ve never received anything less than excellent care and handle. Fortunately, I do know how insurance works so I understand the game the carriers and other agencies made which they confirmed for me while I was going through the process of switching my insurance. They always look out for my best interest and I’m proud to be a customer of them for the last year. I highly recommend this agency to anyone who is having issues with their current agent or carrier.”
  82. “I’ve always been treated with kindness and serviced effectively. Today, I called Premier Shield Insurance and was told lines were busy/leave a voicemail. I left a voicemail and got called back in an hour. I was expecting to start from 0. To my surprise, Rebecca had listened to my voicemail and made progress on my inquiry before she even called me. That was incredible! She answered all my questions respectfully and accommodated my needs to the best of her abilities. Call was quick and painless. Grateful.”
  83. “I’ve been shopping around for auto insurance for a few days now with no luck. My older brother told me to get in touch with Brian and he would take care of me and that’s exactly what happened. It was so quick and pain free. I told him I was stuck at work and didn’t have long to talk and that was no problem. He was professional and very easy to talk to, not like other companies I had used in the past, were the phone call was always a hassle and very monotonous. Id highly recommend calling Brian and letting him work his magic, you wont regret it.”
  84. “Just the best insurance agency we have ever dealt with! Brian is very knowledgeable, he assisted us in finding the BEST rate and best coverage for our cars and home. Very responsive and available for his customers. Happy to have finally found our insurance agent!”
  85. “Literally every time I talk to Brian he’s not only extremely helpful, but also great to talk to. I’ve already recommended 3 people to him. I called him about a month ago, feeling doubtful anyone could even help me get insurance again. Within 30 minutes I had insurance and my issues at the RMV were fixed. I thought it was too good to be true, it didn’t seem real…. but it’s real my friends! Call Brian immediately and get insurance today, best decision I ever made.”
  86. “Love it and also Brian plain keep up the good work you’ve always been there for me and always help me with insurance when I need it I’m a happy and satisfied customer with Brian and premier shield insurance.”
  87. “Not only professional but also a small local business. My agent went above and beyond what I’ve come to expect from an insurance company.”
  88. “Not what I expected. Dealing with anything here in Massachusetts is usually a major process, and you get a poor attitude from anyone on the other end of the phone. Brian though is really good at what he does and gets an A+ in my book. A down to earth and cool guy. I’m glad I called this insurance company!”
  89. “Our agent Brian, went above & beyond. He was extremely professional & super helpful. He gave us some professional insight, and even got us lower rates. He was super friendly , and we highly recommend him for anyone looking for a reputable agent , with cheap rates in RI!”
  90. “Premier Shield Insurance got me the best policies for my home and auto insurance. Even after the sale, their customer service goes above and beyond to help their clients. Recently another motorist backed into my car and they helped with filing my claim and getting the adjuster out to look at my car. Thank you Premier!”
  91. “Premier Shield Insurance is a prime example of a company who shows empathy, patience , willingness to help and is very consistent with the work that they provide for me . It is very reassuring to know that I can trust insurance agents such as Brian to help me make the best decisions and that would put my needs first .”
  92. “Really skeptical about car insurance due to their high expenses however, speaking to an awesome agent from Premier shield insurance, Brain, who had helped save my fiancée and I tons of money is a blessing from God Himself. Brian Plain truly dedicated his compassion on helping us find great service, saving us from an arm and leg payment worth. God bless individuals with a great heart such as Brian. It’s a breath of fresh air encountering people of such. God bless you all in Jesus name.”
  93. “Rebecca from Premier Shield Insurance was great! I was a bit nervous to work with someone new since I was used to dealing with Brian, a representative who I had worked with for a few years and was always extremely helpful but Rebecca was equally amazing. I absolutely recommend you ask for her, her attention to detail and help getting you the best deal is just awesome!”
  94. “Rebecca and Brian have been very helpful. They take the time to find you a nice rate and are attentive to their phone line, I’ve been a customer for over three years, they have always been ready to help whenever I call. You should give them a chance to help you.”
  95. “Rebecca was beyond sweet and helpful. She took the time to help me find insurance and find a better quote. She saved me over 100$!! I would recommend Premier Shield Insurance to anyone looking to get insurance or better insurance!!”
  96. “Rebecca was very helpful! She found the best price for my auto and renters insurance. Would highly recommend.”
  97. “Rosalee, Love love love this agency. They’re so diligent and prompt with their work and requests. I highly recommend this agency to anyone who needs a peace of mind with auto or rental insurance. I’ve been with them for good 5 years and go thru them for everything instead of calling my auto insurance.”
  98. “Special thank you to Brian for taking his time with my issue!!! He was so patient and really helped me with the problem I was going through especially through these difficult times! Best customer service and really knew how to put himself in my situation! Will recommend 100% ! Thank you again!!!!”
  99. “Taylor goes above and beyond for his customers and helped me get a fantastic rate for my insurance compared to what I was getting elsewhere.”
  100. “Taylor helped me save a lot of money! Great guy too! And Rebecca, now in 2021, kudos! TY team.”
  101. “Taylor Little has been such a great help! Me and my husband just moved to Mass and had no clue who to go to. Taylor made sure to give an estimate that would benefit us most. He made sure to go over everything and it was so seamless !”
  102. “Taylor Little was a great help, got me a perfect rate that was way better than my last”
  103. “Taylor took good care of me good costumer service great skills very professional and stunning results I recommending everyone I know and don’t know I give u 100 star rating if they had it sincerely Samuel medina keep up the good work…”
  104. “Taylor was exemplary when it came to the patients and customer service”
  105. “Taylor was of GREAT assistance at helping me get an auto quote. He definitely went above & beyond, making sure to get me the lowest rate possible. I really appreciated his patience & his customer service skills. Taylor also had a great personality making me feel comfortable leaving the quoting up to him, knowing he’d get me the best rate. Answered all my questions, & left the line of communication open for any further questions or concerns I’ll have in the future. With having my vehicle for 3yrs and it needing to be FULLY covered, Taylor got me the lowest quote I’ve ever gotten, quoting me at nearly half of what I was paying previously. If I knew then what I know now.. They say you can save a bunch of money on your car insurance by switching to Geico. Well, in my case, I saved a ton of money by having Taylor as an agent. Thanks a million!”
  106. “Taylor was very friendly and helpful… I was dreading the whole process as a first-time insurance buyer and new transfer to MA. Turns out all it took was a 20 min phone call with Taylor and less than an hour later I was insured at a lower rate than the online quote I had gotten and I had all the paperwork I needed to register my vehicle.”
  108. “Thank you so much Rebecca! You are awesome!”
  109. “Thanks for the deal Brian !”
  110. “Thanks to Taylor Little and his great help, I am saving a lot on my auto insurance. Thanks again Taylor.!!!! 💪🏽”
  111. “The agent Brian excellent agent. He explains everything and cares for costumers. And Rebecca is also awesome.”
  112. “The team at Premiere Shield is great! Brian goes above and beyond to ensure I have affordable rates and the coverage I need. I’ve never had anything other than exceptional customer service and all of my policy changes have been handled with ease. Definitely the best around!”
  113. “These guys (and gals) are absolutely the best! They are excellent at understanding their customers needs and helping them find the most affordable solution. They have helped me insure all of my vehicles both personally and for my business, for a better price than I’ve ever paid. I highly recommend them to anyone”
  114. “These guys make it easy and help out like no other!”
  115. “They are easy to work with and will find you the best price possible. Overall great experience.”
  116. “They are very good at what they do. They have good customer service and best rates ever. Bryan is awesome, always helps me when is time to renew my insurance. He always gets me the lower rates.”
  117. “They found the cheapest plan possible for me despite having an accident and less than 3 years of driving experience. If I ever have any questions about my plan I call or text my agent directly and he’s able assist. I’ve been working with them for almost two years now and it’s been great service. Would highly recommend.”
  118. “They never answer the damn phone…”
  119. “They’re excellent customer service Brian he is good men honesty and helpful”
  120. “They’re all good people who know what they’re doing and they don’t waste time. Both Brian and Taylor are amazing insurance agents.”
  121. “They’ve helped me a lot an saved me a lot with great service, really recommend👍#Brian”
  122. “This is the best experience in my entire life dealing with an insurance agent. Brian is kind professional helpful and entertaining. If you need insurance don’t call anybody else!”
  123. “Tyler was great explaining everything and always looking out for my best interest”
  124. “Very cost efficient, friendly, and quick! All one with a busy schedule and a lifestyle of saving coins for a rainy day needs! Bryan is the best agent to get in contact with, I cried. (tears of joy) He lowered my vehicle insurance rate and got me more benefits than my old one. Referring to everyone I know.”
  125. “Very great!”
  126. “Very helpful and responsive.”
  127. “Very helpful insurance company. Got a new car with full coverage. My payments are not high like I thought they would be. The agent Brian who helped me, helped get me a low quote! I would recommend going to this insurance company!”
  128. “Very satisfied with this company. Taylor has got me low cost insurance. Thank you taylor for making me happy on my birthday!”
  129. “We’re always looking for the best price at renewal. I was paying $1175 for full coverage with Travelers. They increased my premium to $1575 and I was able to get $1057 a year for full coverage 2 newer cars for $1057 with Plymouth Rock. Unbelievable and great it really feels great to save $500 on a price that was already, deals and coverage for every customer! I had kept my policy with another insurance agency I was working with for years. No one could beat their price till this year, great job Premier Shield and thank you Plymouth Rock!”
  131. “When was the last time you called an insurance company and got to talk to a real human being right away? Premier is a small local business that far exceeded my expectations.”
  132. “Worked with Brian today and he was awesome. Very knowledgeable and got us the best rate around. Highly recommend.”
  133. “You’ll find personalized, 1×1 support here that you won’t find at any other provider. Brian makes it quick and easy to get a policy for your vehicle even while you’re working – which is a blessing if you’re constantly buried in paperwork! He provides text support with an actual person behind it who cares about you being able to get your vehicle on the road. His help meant a lot to me because it means being able to get a vehicle my late dad left me on the road. I work in the insurance industry myself and am blown away by how good the service here is!!”

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