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                                                     Premier Shield Insurance Overview

            Premier Shield Insurance (PSI) gained their foundation in a simple mentality: We want to change the way consumers think and feel about insurance. Throughout economic times insurance proves to be a recession proof industry. With the expertise offered by PSI, consumers achieve comfort knowing assets will remain secure in times of prosperity and times of despair. At the agency, producers aim for a quality, educational, and financial understanding of every customer’s background during their inquiry about insurance. Protecting individual’s assets - in the forms of homes, automobiles, businesses, and life – through insurance will always remain the top focus by the licensed professionals employed under the PSI brand.


            Often times individuals suffer from buyer’s remorse or anxiety with paying bills or spending any amount of money on products so commonly referred to as evil necessities, especially in the case of invisible services. Premier Shield Insurance strives to reverse this mentality. By making individual packages customized to work for clients needs versus transactional woes, clients satisfaction will always remain at a top tier of personal reflection in the difficult buying process.


            Managing partners Jonathan Anderson and Brian Plain began their insurance careers for a major online insurance agency based out of Boston, Massachusetts. During their tenure at this agency, they learned exactly how insurance transitioned into transactional versus protection after the latest recession. The major issues facing consumers post recession became affordability and quality from the former pay and pray rhetoric smaller agencies forced insurance policies to default towards for consumers to save a quick buck.

However, most insured individuals started turning back to protection versus savings. One particular national carrier admits that 83% of people shop on price, but at Premier Shield Insurance the partners recognize through individual research and experience insurance is the truest form of the classic phrase “You Get What You Pay For”.


            From day 1 to day 11,001, the effort and care that goes into creating policies transitions instead from affordability and basic service towards proper protection, proper pricing, proper education, and proper relationships. If consumers feel ripped off with current insurance “bills” reach out to Premier Shield Insurance for a one of a kind experience families and individuals will never regret.



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